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Ceramic Surfaces

Ceramic surfaces, such as glazed tiles and porcelain basins are, essentially glass.  These "glass-like" surfaces are non-porous,  making it almost impossible for store bought, D.I.Y.  tub refinishing products to adhere to.  Don't go out and waste your money and time when our high quality products and training will get the job done right the first time. 

Vinyl and Fiberglass 

   Though initial cost of a vinyl or fiberglass tub or shower insert isn't staggering, the cost of continual replacement could be. Even in ideal conditions, the shine and durability quickly fails with daily use.  Dull and discolored surfaces not only LOOK unattractive, but those small fractures and scarred surfaces can retain harmful bacteria. Small fractures in aging vinyl can also, rapidly turn to large leaking cracks.  

    Our skilled technician can re-enforce and repair most damage to stronger than new conditions, all while returning your tub or shower to its like-new luster. 


Counters & Vanities

Take your outdated, dull counters and give them new life!

Cuts, gouges, burn scares, no problem...